Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure and honor that we welcome you to the 5th Jerusalem International Conference on Health Policy.
This conference takes place at a time when societies and governments are still reeling from the after effects of the financial crisis that created conditions of recession and exposed underlying weaknesses in the world economic system. Health systems not only have not been spared. But, beyond the need to consider ways of dealing with austerity, they can also play a leading role in contributing to social vitality and development of new modes of policy, regulation and management that can cope with new realities.
The theme of the Conference:
Provider Perspectives, Quality Assurance & Public Acceptance
In this conference we will confront the following key challenges:
1. Patterns of Health Care Under Austerity
2. Institutional Governance Strategies
3. Sustaining Quality and Performance
4. Financial and Economic Strategies
Leading experts in management and governance, health economics, health policy and regulation, population health, and quality and performance measurement will be addressing the conference on these issues plenary sessions. In addition, thematic sessions will delve more deeply into these tough, but fascinating problems, and we expect to emerge with new ideas for the future based on the solid contributions of all the participants.
Wishing you all a successful conference and pleasant stay in Jerusalem,
Prof. Avi Israeli                                                                                                    Prof. Alan M. Garber