Dear friends and colleagues,


We wish to take this opportunity to wish all the participants of IPRED III many happy returns.

Maintaining an effective emergency preparedness is based on sharing lessons learnt and collaborating in order to improve our capacities to save lives and mitigate damage to societies and infrastructures. IPRED III provided us all with a platform for exchanging ideas, experiences and lessons learnt in the field of preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters. More than 800 practitioners and academicians from over 40 countries took part in the conference, enriching us all and strengthening our ability to respond to any disaster which might occur. Hopefully, we will not need to put our capabilities to the test, but the mutual empowerment will help us all when needed.

We wish to send each one of you, our appreciations and to thank you for your contribution to the success of the meeting and hope to meet you again soon, in conferences, training programs or other enriching experiences.


Col. Dr. Avi Abargel               Prof. Meir Oren                    Uzi Keren

IPRED III Chairman               Chairman of                         Chairman of         

                                                Scientific Committee           Organizing committee